About Mary Beth (MB) Guzzo

I am a soon to be retired IT pro…Recently single with 2 great step kids who are now off on their own creating their own “dreams come true”! I live in a western town outside of Chicago where my 2 other dog-children, keep me company while I stamp away!

I got to place in my life where I needed a break from work work and having a new family (married late). I took up stamping (AGAIN…first foray was in early 2000’s). I fell in love again with this wonderful craft. I find it very creative, very relaxing and very rewarding when my cards and projects are shared!

I come from a long line of crafters in a way……When I was in grade school, my sisters and I all learned how to sew and made many of our clothes. My Grandmother made braided rugs, my mother quilted and now 2 of my sisters actively quilt. My other sister is a true artists–illustrator. Working with our hands, no matter how, calms the soul, gives us some much needed foray into creating. My craft is now paper crafting.

Take a peak below for what I call my “Work Hub.”  This was my original start in acquiring goodies and contains most of my supplies, but not all.  I share my craft space with work at “day job” IT home office…..and sneak space anywhere I can to include my Stampin Up Supplies!

More recently, I have expanded to another room and one of my most effective spaces….the laundry room! The dryer has a paper cutting machine and the washer holds my favorite papers (don’t worry—not inside)!!!

I am getting cranking in a business that I hope to continue full time when I retire. I love creating and I love sharing….

I hope to have some fun, share some projects and get to know you all a bit more…………..

Thanks for joining me on this ride!

MB Work Hub